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It all started at the pub!


Like a lot of great business ideas Vettr's foundations lie in a few beers and dinner at the local pub. During a discussion on how to do business more efficiently between 3 local practices in Sydney's eastern suburbs the first iteration of Vettr, The Eastern Buyers Group, was born in 2013.

The founding members were Vet HQ, Rose Bay Vet Hospital and Bondi Vet Hospital.

The Eastern Buyers Group ran for around a year before Dr David Butchart took it over and formed the Platinum Vet Alliance (PVA).

David utilised his knowledge garnered from completing an MBA plus his experience in the pharmaceutical industry (having worked as a brand manager at a multi-national) to take the PVA to the next level.

PVA grew to around 40 practices by the end of 2016 and in February 2017 PVA partnered with VGP US to form Veterinary Growth Partners Australia.

In July 2017 Tracy Kamens joined VGP as our Head Coach and has helped significantly with both growing the member numbers and coaching our members to greater things.

In 2021 VGP rebranded to Vettr as David purchased the company outright.

The Vettr Team has grown to a tight knit unit of 5 whose core values are: Honesty, Transparency & We are here to help.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Sounds awesome! I'm in!