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Save Money.

Receive discounts and rebates from the companies you already use.

We've done the negotiating for you so you can focus on nurturing your practice.

How do you save money?

Save thousands from our preferred partners including wholesaler, product manufacturers, laboratory, insurance, finance, technology and much more!

Our Annual Conference is an awesome way to gain time and money saving tips.

Drive your marketing with our ready to use Social Media content & calendar (valued at $4,500).

Learn about digital marketing from hand picked experts with our online courses (valued at $299 each).

How Much Can I Save?



Create Time.

Don't reinvent the wheel, we've helped build plenty of wheels!

Let us help you get to where you want to go faster.

How do we help you create time?

Document & video library. Everything you need in one place. No need to spend time looking elsewhere. That's $2,800 worth of value for free!

Coaching & support. Our coaches have dealt with a lot of problems practices experience or have helped members through them. They can help or put you in touch with a member of the Vettr community who can lend a hand (valued at $3,960 per year).

Get help with the  internal workings of your practice with our Practice Systems Audit (valued at $2,500).

We'll coach you through the audit to ensure you have a more efficient practice.

Yep, I need more time!



Build Happiness

Enjoy the benefits of a cohesive and accountable team.

Develop the team of your dreams so you wake up looking forward to work every day.

Happier practice? Tell me how!

Team Wellness Program to ensure your team are happy, healthy and working together as a well oiled unit. 

Staff & Client Surveys are run independently by our coaches so you don't have to do the work and your staff are guaranteed anonymity.

Fast track your Leadership & Communication skills with Vettr's exclusive content (valued at $2,500).

Our communication tools will get your team working like a well oiled machine (invaluable).

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