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Join us on a journey that will deepen your understanding of running a thriving veterinary practice.

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The Vettr Conference is back to Noosa again this year in October 2023!

Come and join your friends, colleagues and industry partners for a relaxed yet informative event.

The Vettr Conference is different to other business conferences you will attend. There are no short presentations that leave you hanging for more information, we believe in making sure you leave with actionable outcomes to implement into your practice as soon as you get back to reality!

This year we have a wonderful cross section of speakers from both within the veterinary industry, from Allied Health and others who know how to help you be successful.

The title of the Conference is Success & Succession but it's not about us telling you what success looks like. Our goal is to get you to define what success looks like for you!

We want to help you learn from other practice owners and practice managers as well as experts in their field giving you actionable and realistic ideas to implement into your business and daily life.

Come and join us - it's going to be awesome!


Our Speakers...


Julie Cross's an inside job!


In Julie's keynote "'s an inside job" you are invited to reconnect and remember the power and control we have when it comes to our own individual success. It is time to explore success and what it means to you. And as we plan for ongoing success, let us also focus on what we can control which is in the power of now.


Knowing that on the ongoing road to success there will be the tough times, it is time to reset, reframe and reconnect to our sense of resilience, because so often it is through these tough times, we discover the best of ourselves.

And like the journey to success this presentation will also be filled with laughter, fun, joy, because what is success without all of that?
It is time to celebrate who we are, what we do, and know for sure that we make a difference in the work we do.


Julie¬†is one of the most inspiring keynote speakers in Australia. This year she received the ‚ÄėKeynote Speaker of the Year‚Äô Award from the ‚ÄėProfessional Speakers Association‚Äô. She is a masterful storyteller, combining powerful insights into human behaviour with practical strategies that leaves audiences with powerful tools for living their best life.


Our Speakers...


Kate Christie


Power Up Your Productivity Workshop



As we head towards the end of 2023 (how did that happen?), it's time to pause and rethink how you are working, living and managing your time.


We are all incredibly passionate about our work - we give and we give and we give some more. However, here's the rub - you established your business not just because you are a passionate vet, but because you wanted to have more control over your time and your life. You wanted to be able to spend more time with your family, your friends and pursue your many interests - and not just work all of the time. So, what on earth happened?


It's time to regain control of your time and to genuinely enjoy the freedom that great time management can bring you. Kate Christie is Australia's top time management expert and her Power Up Your Productivity Workshop is going to be a game changer for us all.


Over 2.5 hours Kate will:

  • walk us through the 5 SMART Steps¬†

  • explain the difference between time management¬†and time investment

  • cover the 4 'time' costs we incur every day

  • share over 30 strategies you can implement for immediate time back in your time bank


You will leave this workshop energised and with a clear plan for how you and your practice can do time very differently. With a reputation for ensuring her clients find 30+ hours of lost time a month, we can't wait to hear from Kate.

Our Speakers...


Daniel Gibbs


Amplify the Impact of Your Vet Clinic: 5 Practical Steps for Growth Inspired by Allied Health.

Join Daniel Gibbs from Clinic Mastery for an engaging and insightful workshop for vet practice owners with insights from the thriving world of Allied Health. You'll get actionable insights and practical strategies you can implement right away to enhance experiences, improve health outcomes and grow your practice.


Daniel will cover: -

  • The power of positive experiences

  • Five essential steps to grow a veterinary practice

  • Mastering client engagement and communication

  • Insights into technologies and trends reshaping the veterinary landscape

Daniel will share practical growth steps with inspiration from other industries, delivered for vet clinic owners looking for genuine actionable strategies.


Daniel Gibbs is the founding director of Clinic Mastery, a global movement transforming health businesses into clinics for good. Drawing from his experience as a successful podiatrist, Daniel has become a leading authority on building inspired teams, transforming client experiences, and promoting excellence in healthcare. In addition to his role in Clinic Mastery, he has also served as a judge for the Telstra Best of Business Awards, where he seeks out businesses that deliver world-class customer service. Based in Adelaide, South Australia, Daniel enjoys spending time with his family and appreciating a well-designed golf course.


Our Speakers...


Paolo Lencioni


Understanding the Financial Success of Your Practice
How to set your Practice up for Succession
Succession - what are your options?

Paolo is the industry leader in financial management of veterinary practices.

He draws on his former experience as a vet and practice owner and now as a veterinary accountant and business advisor to teach us what drives success in a practice.

Paolo also will give us his vast experience from practice valuations and working with his clients to get the greatest value for their practice when the time comes for succession.

He can tell you all the stories - the good, the bad and the ugly so you can set your practice up in the right way!

Paolo is an enthusiastic and entertaining presenter with a deep passion for helping vet practices like yours thrive.

His workshop style presentations are more than you will receive at any other veterinary business conference this year!


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