Join Marnie Jones from Talent X who will give you


The Ultimate, Fool-Proof Guide to Building a Phenomenal Team!


In this workshop you will learn...

  1. The Top 5 Secrets to Building your Dream Team,
  2. Horror Stats that you must know if you’re dealing with staff in any way,
  3. How to FLOOD amazing, high-performing staff to your business,
  4. The Art of Job Ad Writing & how to obtain 3-4x more ad views & applications,
  5. What Staff ACTUALLY Want (not what you think),
  6. How to know if a staff member is valuable and productive BEFORE you waste $$$ thousands of dollars and time finding out on the job,
  7. The ONLY questions you should ask candidates in job interviews,
  8. The Warning Signs of Toxic Staff,
  9. The Money-Vacuum that is Bad Management,
  10. How to make staff STAY (!!) and be Loyal to your business,
  11. How to keep your staff ENGAGED: engaged means emotionally invested into the future of your business.
  12. A Management Skill Upgrade to your competence as a manager.

Venue: The Gunners Barracks

Address: Suakin Dr, Mosman NSW 2088

How to get there:

Workshop details...

  • Registration at venue at 12.45pm
  • Workshop commences 1pm
  • Workshop finished 5pm
  • Post workshop drinks 5 - 6pm
  • Dinner 6pm until late

What to bring...

  • Notebook and pen
  • An open mind

After the workshop you will be treated to a wonderful dinner with fellow Vettr members.

Registrations Limited to 50 people


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